Email Marketing Campaigns 
Achieve the sales response you want with targeted campaigns to your client base about new products or sales offers.   Find Out More...>>>

Email Newsletters 
Build credibility, prove your expertise and improve customer retention by using your database to target clients with news, free advice, new products and services as well as promotions.   Find Out More...>>>

Promoting products and services directly to your customers generates interest and increases sales. Create your offer or promotion and using your database Pelican will speak to your market. Find Out More...>>>

Customer Feedback 
Do you really know what your customers think about your product or service?  Is it giving them what they need? You think you know what your customers want but a customer feedback survey would tell you a lot more.  Find Out More...>>>

Market & Business Research
Keep up with market trends and maintain a competitive edge using your customer base to test new product or service ideas, and to understand what they really want.  Find Out More...>>>

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