A targeted email campaign, aimed at loyal and trusted existing clients, is perfect for promoting new products or sales offers. 

Our email marketing campaigns are designed to stimulate a response or sales action from buyers. They run over a specific time period and incorporate time limited offers. Drawing on our experience we’ll use tried and tested techniques to create a cost-effective campaign that gets results.

“The emails we send to our mailing list always bring results – new bookings as well as referrals to potential customers.”
Annie Armitage, Professional Photographer

 What we do: 
  • Create tailored email campaigns incorporating your business logo, branding and contacts plus text and images

  • Help you create specific content for your target list
  • Compile and deliver content according to your campaign plan
  • Provide full reporting and analysis of email statistics to gauge the campaign's performance
  • Manage your emailing database online
  • Avoid problems associated with manual emailing such as blocking and spam

  • Drive sales by tailoring content to your audience using your knowledge of their buying behaviour

  • Push customers to respond using short campaigns with clear, time limited calls to action

  • Improve customer retention by offering valuable and useful content

  • Make your customers feel valued by creating specific promotions exclusively for them

  • Achieve more sales by segmenting your client list by product, location or time of purchase and create content tailored for each group

  • Improve your engagement and response with customers who receive only the information that interests them, rather than mass mailings

  • Prove your return on investment because email is significantly more trackable and measurable that other marketing methods

  • Drive traffic to specific pages on your website

  • Allow you to respond quickly to a changing market because email is in real time

  • Campaigns can be as frequent as you need and still affordable

And email marketing is as affordable and as frequent as you need.

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