Email newsletter are a powerful way to stay connected with your clients, to stay front of mind with prospects and other contacts. Our team has lots of experience in creating newsletters that people actually look forward to receiving. 

We'll help you develop a newsletter that updates your audience about your business and offers useful content that demonstrates your knowledge and expertise. 

And keeping in regular touch, professionally and responsibly, providing free information and advice as well as news about your products and promotions will build your credibility. 

Of course it takes time and commitment to make a newsletter effective. And that's where we can help by: 

  • Creating tailored email newsletters incorporating your business logo, branding and contacts together with text and images 
  • Helping you create specific content for your newsletter list
  • Compiling and delivering newsletters on a regular or ad hoc basis
  • Providing full reporting and analysis of email statistics so you can track the success of your campaign
  • Managing your database online
  • Avoiding problems associated with manual emailing such as blocking and spam


  • Improve client retention and maintain the connection through regular, useful newsletters
  • Generate new sales inquiries by reminding contacts about your product range and telling them about new developments and promotions
  • Increase your customer spend by up selling via product and service promotions
  • Enhance your reputation and your client relationships so they come to you when it’s time to buy
  • Build credibility, loyalty and trust by giving free advice and information 
  • Because email is in real time you can respond quickly to a changing market 
  • Drive more traffic to your website 
  • Newsletters are shareable so you can create business from recommendations 
  • Prove your return on investment because email is significantly more trackable and measurable than other marketing methods
  • Less time, effort and cost than alternative methods such as direct mail or advertising.  
  • Affordable and as frequent as you need. 

'Helen was introduced to me by a mutual colleague and I have loved working with Helen and still do! She is smart and quick and really knows her business. I can mail over information and she works her magic and turns it into a superb mailer. She questions where she needs to so gets it right first time. A real backup for me as I run from one thing to another. If you need a highly professional service go to Helen every time.' 

Valerie Merrill, Merrill Consultants

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