You may think you know what your customers want but a tailored feedback programme will reveal a lot more. We’ve managed many successful feedback programmes so we know what questions to ask and how to ask them. And because we’re independent, you’ll get more detailed, meaningful and reliable information.

It’s a worthwhile investment because knowing what your customers think about your services and products is critical to making future sales and growing your business.  

Feedback gives you the information need to grow your business and retain your customers. It allows you to stay connected with them and gives you chance to reconnect with lapsed clients. And you can create compelling case studies and testimonials encouraging new customers to buy.

What we do:

  • Create a fully tailored customer survey to gather the specific data and feedback you need.
  • Utilise different research methodologies - telephone, online or face to face depending on the project
  • Fully analyse and report results.

The benefits: 

  • Get the feedback you need to grow your business and retain your customers.
  • Stay connected with existing clients and reconnect with lapsed ones. 
  • Create leads for follow on sales and referrals 
  • Get a better understanding of your clients' buying decisions
  • Show you value and care about your customers’ opinions
  • Creates compelling testimonials and case studies 
  • Actively seeking feedback will differentiate you from many of your competitors.
  • Identify and act on any problem areas

"I got feedback from my customers and insights about my coaching services that have really helped me to grow my business – things I wouldn’t have known without Pelican’s help."
Ria van Doorn, Conscious Communications 

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