Prospect research for a specialist travel company

Internet research service
: Travel company needed time to investigate new, potential customer segment
Outcome: Identified and qualified new prospects for a successful sales campaign

A small, specialist travel company had identified a new customer segment they wanted to target with their sales and marketing activities for tailored tours. They knew that a lot of these prospects belonged to specialist clubs and that this club information was available via their websites but didn’t have the resource to locate and collate it.

Using internet research we identified the details of clubs in three European markets collecting infomation on the number of members, geographical scope, a description of the club activities, plus contact details for the relevant person at each. Data on over 100 specialist clubs was compiled into a database which was used as a basis for the marketing campaign.

Working from this information we then contacted some of the prospects to collect details of the types of tours and activities that they already took part in and their likes and dislikes. New tour packages were then designed, tailored for this market, and the client used the prospect data to target their marketing communications at this specific market sector. The client now successfully markets a number of specialist tours to this segment and the level of new and ongoing business from these companies exceeded their expectations.