Increasing regular sales inquiries for Merrill Consultants

Email marketing service
: Merrill Consultants, a UK based training company wanted to keep in regular contact with clients and prospects to promote training courses and events
Outcomes: An increase in sales enquiries directly from the newsletter, a higher level of exposure and coverage for the company on social and other networks, and a growth in affiliate training opportunities

Merrill Consultants has a well established business and client list but was not keeping in touch with these clients on a regular basis. They wanted to use their client base and contacts to increase sales enquiries.

One tactic we used was a regular monthly email newsletter, featuring news items about new training programmes, sales promotions exclusive to these recipients and case studies demonstrating how they have helped their clients and the benefits they have realised.

Created using an online solution the newsletter was fully customised to reflect the clients branding and logo and contained links to different parts of their website as well as to their social networking pages. The problems they had experienced before using a manual emailing system such as spam and emails being blocked were eradicated using the permission based online solution.

This system also allowed extensive tracking of the performance of each newsletter in terms of open rates and clicks on different links, allowing the level of interest in different topics and promotions to be assessed. Merrill Consultants now receives sales inquiries directly from the newsletter each month, has gained more coverage and exposure on social and other networks and has seen an increase in new affiliate training opportunities.

Read what Merrill Consultants say about us:

'Helen was introduced to me by a mutual colleague and I have loved working with Helen and still do! She is smart and quick and really knows her business. I can mail over information and she works her magic and turns it into a superb mailer. She questions where she needs to so gets it right first time. A real backup for me as I run from one thing to another. If you need a highly professional service go to Helen every time.'
Valerie Merrill, Merrill Consultants