A growth in customer spend for beauty therapist 

Customer database service
Problem: A beauty therapist was unable to easily contact clients with new promotions and offers
Outcome: An updated and clean database allowed targeted marketing campaigns which led to increased customer spend
Service: Database re-structure and cleanse

All the data had been entered inconsistently and customer data mixed up with prospects, suppliers and general contacts – there was no way in its present state that it could be put to good use. To be able to sort and analyse the customer data more effectively, it needed to be cleaned.

We checked for consistency of entry, filling any data gaps and restructured the database using category information to segment the contacts. We also added all the new contacts the client had collected. To improve the usefulness of the data, extra information from other records such as customer purchase history was added – details of products and services bought, dates and values. This enabled reporting and analysis at a glance, revealing her best customers by value, volume and frequency plus seasonal trends in the business.

Based on this new information the client developed some new service packages, offering different products at different times of the year and the updated and cleaned database allowed them to promote these very effectively using tailored emails to targeted customers. As a result the salon increased the average spend per client significantly over the next 3 months and capitalised on seasonal business over the summer and Christmas periods.